Writing as a form of meditation

I used to write, almost always, as far as I remember.
I used to write stories like every other child and I still remember the first story that I’ve written.
I’ve always enjoyed writing and that was the motivation which kept me writing from my childhood. I was 22 when I started Blogging and continued it for several years until during a stupid political conflict between my country(Iran) and rest of the world the host of my weblog(Dream Host) refused to serve me any more, They didn’t even let me migrate my blog to another host! Just like that! Just like you wake up in the morning and you’ll see everything that you’ve been writing during past years has been lost.
Although one of my friends(Kambiz) got me back the files(thanks google archive), I stopped writing after that.
Now I miss it. I miss it badly! I miss the good feeling which I experienced every time I wrote.
I think writing is a form of meditation, I think it’s a mantra, a ritual, and everybody should write to release the stress, for integrity and to get a more clear and vivid mind.
So I’ll start writing again and this should be my come-back post.

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